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COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Update for Pike Lake Dental Center



Face masks are still required for our patients and their guests when not receiving treatment, per the Minnesota Department of Health. You’ll find the notice posted on our front door.

At Pike Lake Dental Center, we have always been committed to protecting our patients and our staff from any and all dangers, this includes all viruses past, present and future.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we will continue to practice universal precautions throughout our office, the same universal precautions we have implemented for years. These include, but are not limited to, sterilizing equipment with the strictest of standards, disinfecting all surfaces in each operatory between patients, and using masks and gloves. We also test our sterilization regularly, making sure the practices we have in place are working correctly.

Over and above the universal precautions, we have increased safe practices in common areas. Common surfaces are being sanitized frequently in places like the front desk where credit card machines and writing utensils are shared, with special attention paid to door handles, bathrooms and more.

Things will also look different at our office for the foreseeable future. We have provided our clinical staff with all available PPE, including face shields and N95 masks as needed. HEPA filtration units, which run 24 hours a day, have been installed in each clinical operatory and also in the waiting room. Special seating arrangements have been made in our waiting room for additional patient safety. 

Reopening our office after the mandated statewide closure meant complying with the guidelines set forth by the Minnesota Dental Association, the Minnesota Board of Dentistry, the Center for Disease Control and the American Dental Association. All staff members reporting to work are required to verify they are COVID-19 symptom free. No one is allowed to work while ill. We have a Plan on site that details the steps we have taken and the steps we will continue to take to keep both our staff and our patients safe throughout the pandemic. This Plan is reviewed and updated frequently. We will continue to monitor the COVID-19 spread and the recommendations made for our profession by government authorities.

If you do not feel comfortable coming in to our office yet, that’s ok! We respect your decision and are happy to postpone your dental appointment until you feel ready.

It is with great confidence that we welcome you back to our office. We believe we have taken every precaution available to help keep YOU safe and to also keep US safe from COVID-19 and any other disease or virus. We remain steadfastly committed to your health and safety while continuing to provide you the highest quality dentistry around.

Welcome back!


Matthew D. Jugovich, D.D.S.

Last updated December 20, 2021

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  • I came here with recommendations from a friend and my husband. I haven't been to a dentist in at least 5 years since I've had such horrible experiences in the past at other locations. As soon as I sat down in the chair, I immediately started crying because I was so worried about what was to come. The staff was amazing to help me calm down and let me know they would be gentle and fit my comfort level. I'm going back again to finish out my appointment with a lot less anxiety!

  • Pike Lake Dental literally changed how I feel about going to the dentist, I no longer hate the dentist--I actually enjoy it.

  • Dr. Matt and Staff, As you know I was not only afraid to go to the dentist, I was terrified! As many times as I tried to convince myself not to be afraid I couldn't get past it. The fear took charge as soon as I came into the building! This anxiety stemmed from a traumatic experience I had as a child. You and your patient staff help me put those fears to rest! I want to thank you for that! I love my smile again! And for someone who makes people laugh for a living that's very important. I plan on taking better care of my teeth and coming back for regular visits. A huge thanks to you ALL!