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Laura, Dental Hygienist

Laura is a treasure we were lucky to have join our office in 2018. She is a dental hygienist and works at our office regularly two days a week and also helps with vacation coverage. Although Laura is petite and “fun-sized”, she regularly pulls into the office parking lot with the biggest vehicle out of all the staff. She is always smiling and displays a can-do attitude around the office. Laura also has a great laugh! The tone of the office is always fun on the days she is working.

Laura grew up in Cloquet and lives in Saginaw with her husband and their two children, a 5 year old son and 3 year old daughter. Before they started a family, Laura and her husband traveled around the country with his job. One of the interesting jobs she had for a few months during that time was being a housekeeper cleaning cabins at a campground in Nashville, TN. She enjoys the outdoors and notes that her family likes to fish and hunt. Laura also enjoys reading, puzzles and working out. 

“I love meeting people, answering questions and creating a positive experience for my patients,” Laura shares as the favorite parts of her job. If you are lucky enough to have Laura as your hygienist, you’ll have a great experience and leave with a sparkling smile. 

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