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Michelle, Dental Hygienist

Michelle, Dental Hygienist

Michelle started working at Pike Lake Dental Center in 2022. She is a highly skilled dental hygienist and we are eternally thankful she is part of our team. Michelle brings 30 years of dental hygiene experience with her. She will tell it like it is and make you laugh while she does. Beyond her exceptional hygiene skills, she is a master in patient education and seeks to teach our patients about their individual oral health. When she asks you how often you floss, you might as well tell her the truth. She knows just by peeking in your mouth and will probably call you out on it. We have thoroughly enjoyed Michelle becoming part of our team. She is honest, sincere and wickedly funny. 

Michelle grew up in Alborn and now lives in Saginaw with her husband of 27 years. They have two wonderful sons, two bonus daughters and a beautiful little granddaughter, Raya. Michelle enjoys spending her free time with her family, especially watching her granddaughter grow and change. She also enjoys 4 wheeling and crocheting. Michelle’s hobbies include hot tubbing, reading cookbooks and making new recipes. She is especially proud of raising her sons.

When asked about her favorite parts of her job, Michelle says, “Meeting new patients and improving my patients’ smiles.” Michelle’s hygiene room is near the front desk and she can often be overheard sharing tips and suggestions with her patients to improve their oral health. There is also a lot of laughing that comes from that hygiene room. 

A couple Fun Facts about Michelle are: 

1) She likes pineapple on her pizza and, yes, it does belong on pizza.  

2) The most interesting job she had was working at KFC for 5 years during high school. From her experience, working in the fast food industry was quite an adventure!

If she wasn’t working in the dental field, Michelle would be teaching people the lost art of crochet. She also might be found working in a greenhouse. Or she might be working as a chef. Although we are often ruled by our stomachs here at Pike Lake Dental and would love to be her taste testers, we are glad she still loves being a dental hygienist. Michelle is a treasure to have on our team!

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