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Nancy, Dental Assistant

Nancy moved to Pike Lake Dental Center in 2005, although she had worked with Dr. Matt for years before that at a different dental office. A true veteran in the dental field, Nancy has been working as a dental assistant for over 35 years! Her dad was a dentist here in Duluth, so becoming a dental assistant was a natural fit for her. Nancy’s skills and know-how as a dental assistant make her stand out from the crowd. She is extremely patient with young kids, helping them focus and relax during their first dental experiences. She also takes care of all the ordering and organizing of our dental supplies, which is a huge job. If you need something, just ask Nancy. We tease her that she “Nancies” certain supplies by hiding them away from the rest of the stash to always ensure we have a spare when needed. Nancy is dependable, hard working and one of the kindest people you will ever meet.

Nancy grew up in Duluth and lives on Island Lake now with her husband and love of her life, Ward. Nancy is a naturally gifted hostess and enjoys entertaining friends and family at their beautiful home on the lake. She would like to start snowshoeing and get back into cross country skiing. She includes spending time with friends, looking for agates, fishing, traveling and hunting among her favorite pastimes. She has traveled to many exotic places including Africa, Alaska and Hawaii over the years. Although she says she’d like to get back to the range for “guns”, she is an amazing shot and impresses even the most stoic of hunters with her aim. Ask her about her hunting safaris or her impressive animal mounts the next time you see her. 

 “My favorite part of my job is when patients come in with a problem, whether it’s a chipped or broken tooth or a toothache, and we get to fix it for them,” she shares. “I also love my coworkers. They are all wonderful people with incredible talents.” 

We are thankful she hasn’t decided to pursue her dreams of being either a travel critic consultant, an interior decorator or an architect if she wasn’t working in the dental field. Our office wouldn’t be the same without her vast dental skills and her consistently happy smile. She is a huge part of what makes our office special and welcoming. Nancy is truly one of those rare people you find in life that you feel lucky enough to know. We feel certain you will agree!   

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