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FAQs of Going Out-Of-Network

Pike Lake Dental is going out-of-network FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS   What does this mean? The office is no longer in network with your insurance company.  You will be using your out-of-network benefits instead.  Many dental insurance companies keep the same or similar coverage for in- and out-of-network providers. *Some dental policies will require you to […]

Dental Benefit Breakdown Worksheet

We are moving out-of-network with all insurance companies in the coming months. To find out how this change impacts you, please use the worksheet links in this blog to call your dental insurance company today.  What does our going-out-of network with insurance companies mean for you? YOU CAN STILL BE A PATIENT AT OUR OFFICE! […]

Insurance Changes January 1, 2025

Begining January 1, 2025, we will be Out-Of- Network with the following insurance companies: Delta Dental/Delta Premiere (all states) Employer Examples* 1854 Treaty Authority, AARP (already out of network), Allete & Affiliates, Altec, API Group, Arrowhead Concrete, Arrowhead Economic Opportunity Agency, BARR Engineering, BCBS, Best Buy, Cirrus Design Corporation, City of Duluth, City of Hermantown, […]

Insurance Changes January 1, 2024

Begining January 1, 2024, we will be Out-Of-Network with the following insurance companies: Aetna  Employer Examples* Bell Brothers, BNSF, Canadian National, Costco, Hobby Lobby, JC Penny, Johnson & Johnson, Sysco Corp, UPS, USG, Verizon Ameritas (DBAs Ameritas Life Ins Co, Ameritas Life Ins of NY, Standard Life Ins co, Standard Life Ins Co of NY, […]

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