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Lisa, The Elf That Got Engaged at Bentleyville

Lisa’s Holiday Questionnaire:

What is the holiday tradition you look most forward to?

“Spending Christmas morning at home with my family.”

What is your favorite Christmas memory?

“Getting engaged at Bentleyville! Putting up my grandma’s Christmas village and the tree with her every year when I was little.”

What was the best/most memorable Christmas gift you’ve received?

“My brother and I got an Original Nintendo when we were kids from Santa – lots of Mario Brothers, Duck Hunt and Tetris were played!”

What do you wish for this Christmas?

“The good health of my family.”

Have you been naughty or nice?

“Mostly nice.”

What is your favorite Christmas cookie or dish?

“Lutefisk! Ha! Just kidding – yuck! Wild rice hot dish and cheesy potatoes.”

What is your favorite Christmas song?

“Baby It’s Cold Outside.”

What’s your favorite Christmas movie?

“White Christmas, Elf and Christmas Vacation.”

Do you enjoy giving or receiving gifts more?

“Giving, but receiving is fun too!”

Do you stay within your Christmas budget?

“Umm… budget? My husband would say no…”

Artificial or real tree?

“Usually real, but artificial this year.”

What color decorations do you use? (red/green, multi, white/red, etc)

“Mostly red and gold.”

When do you put up your Christmas tree?

“The weekend after Thanksgiving.”

How many trees do you put up at your house?

“One for now, hope to have two in the future.”

Do your stockings get filled or are they only for decoration?


What do you/did you leave for Santa?

“Cookies and milk.”

How many Christmas gatherings do you attend each year?

“Lots! 6 or 7 maybe.”

Do you still send out cards?

“Yes – usually handmade, but photo cards with a little one the past two years.”

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